Selected Primary Research Articles

Adult Skeletal Muscle Deletion of Mitofusin 1 and 2 Impedes Exercise Performance and Training Capacity.
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Development of dilated cardiomyopathy and impaired calcium homeostasis with cardiac-specific deletion of ESRRβ.
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Adult Expression of PGC-1α and β in Skeletal Muscle is Not Required for Endurance Exercise-Induced Enhancement of Exercise Capacity. Ballmann C, Tang Y, Bush Z, Rowe GC.  AJP Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2016 Dec 1;311(6):E928-E938.

PGC-1α Induces SPP1 to Activate Macrophages and Orchestrate Functional Angiogenesis in Skeletal Muscle. Rowe GC, Raghuram S, Jang C, Nagy J, Patten IS, Goyal A, Chan MC, Liu L, Jiang A, Spokes KC, Beeler D, Dvorak H, Aird W, and Arany Z. Circulation Research 2014 Aug 15;115(5):504-17.

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PGC-1α is Dispensable for Exercise-Induced Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Skeletal Muscle. Rowe GC,  El-Khoury R, Patten IS, Rustin P, Arany Z. PLoS One 2012 July 24; 7(7)e41817.

PGC-1b Regulates Angiogenesis in Skeletal Muscle. Rowe GC, Jang C, Patten IS, Arany Z.  AJP Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2011 Jul; 301 (1) :E155-63.

Review Articles

Running Forward: New Frontiers in Endurance Exercise Biology. Rowe GC, Safdar AS and Arany Z. Circulation 2014 Feb 18 (129) 798-810.

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